Noon Bingo

Noon Bingo is locate at 1000 E.Pioneer Pkwy
Suite B
Arlington,TX 76010

Next session starts at 12pm

Get Ready to be lucky
And win lots of money !

Noon Bingo is open 7 days. A week

Doors open at 11am, sales start at 11:30 am
Monday – Saturday 12:00 pm & 1:45 pm
Sunday – 1:00pm  & 2:45pm

Our Prices

Noon Bingo 1 for $9

1 for $9

1st Session

3 for 20 1st session noon Bingo

3 for $20

1st Session

1 for $5

2nd Session

2nd session 4 for $18

4 for $18

2nd Session

Increase your chances with Pull Tabs

What are Pull Tabs/Event Games

Pull Tabs  are also called event games,  The Pull Tabs we sell all costs $1 each and are basically mini bingo games.
The caller will call balls out of the machine and the players mark that specific Pull tab game. The prize  amount for each Pull Tab ranges from $175 and can go up to several hundred dollars per game. 

Noon Bingo is Awesome

All Full Price Cards

At Noon Bingo we only sell paper cards so you don’t have to compete with computers and we give out the maximum payout by law.

Maximum Payout

We offer the maximum payout by law which is $2,500 per session just in Bingo prizes plus pull tab winnings

Pull Tabs

Pull tabs is another way you can win at Bingo. All pull tabs are $1 each and payout anywhere from $150 to $750 and we play many different pull tabs each session.

Play for as little as $1

You can buy a set that includes all the games for each session or you can just play one game at a time. Floor cards are all full price and are only $1 each.


1000 E. Pioneer Pkwy, Suite B , Arlington Texas 76010

Big Thanks To Our
Customers & Charities